Censorship Eventually Comes For Us All…

I’ve tried to steer clear of talking politics, partly because I still believe that people are fully capable of taking in information, and then drawing their own conclusions (and have the right to do so). And partly because I don’t enjoy being bullied. But I would like to share a video about the recent #walkaway ban on Facebook.

I don’t hate people because their views differ from mine. I don’t hate people, period. The way I look at it is, without differing opinions – checks and balances – we tend to fall into extremes. But the reality is, most people do not fit neatly into an “identity box,” no matter how hard we try to group “like” people together. We are, each, complex, wonderfully and fearfully made human beings who come from our own, unique backgrounds that are an amazing blend of DNA, ancestry, culture, belief, experiences (good and bad), relationships (good and bad), etc… and our political journeys tend to reflect that. A group that, I believe, embraces true diversity, is the #WalkAway Campaign.

I used to listen to #walkaway stories on my drives to, and from, work. I thought it was interesting to hear how people from such diverse backgrounds were coming to the same, or very similar, conclusions as to why their political views were changing. And while I did not have a #walkaway story of my own, some of their stories did take me back to my own journey from left to right.

Some of them also shared the backlash that often followed their “coming out,” so to speak. In our current atmosphere of cancel culture (which is a tactic of suppression), some of these people found that they had suddenly made enemies of friends and family, simply for having a change in perspective. Back in the day, that wouldn’t really be a big deal. Today? It can leave you in a very lonely, and vulnerable, place.

I think #walkaway serves as both, an outlet for sharing an experience that isn’t “popular” in current culture, and a support group for those who have lost family, friends and, perhaps, even livelihoods.

And Facebook banned the group.

They are not a hate group. They are not stirring up insurrection or calling anyone to violence. They have had numerous rallies, all over the country, and no rioting or violence has ever followed.

Facebook has a right to take down pages when those pages go against their policies. But, why #walkaway? They are not an extreme group. They are not a hate group. They’re not even necessarily conservative or Trump supporters. So, why? Because you don’t agree? That’s censorship (another suppressive tactic).

I don’t care if a person is a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or were hoping to see Kanye become our next president. This is America. We have freedom of speech (yes, even speech that harms our delicate sensitivities). We have a right to ALL of the information on any given topic, so that we can make the right decisions for ourselves, and for our families. As Americans, each and every one of us should be diligent in preserving our First Amendment rights – not because we always agree, but because those rights extend to EVERY American, whether one is on the “right” side of the current, popular narrative, or not.

I believe the powers that be will continue to censor material that they do not approve of, in order to “abolish hate speech” in order to “prevent insurrection.” All for the “safety of the American people” and the “preservation of our democracy” because “look at what happened at the Capitol!!” (which was absolutely WRONG! I denounce the actions of those who entered the Capitol building on January 6th.)

The mainstream/legacy media will continue to play us for chumps. The government will continue to restrict our Constitutional rights (for our good, of course!), as we sheep are all led to slaughter. No one escapes. Because, as suppressive governments have shown us in the past (and the present)… censorship eventually comes for us all.

People are frustrated because they do not feel like their voices are being heard. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard. And each of us also have a responsibility to take the time to listen to other’s voices. Yes, even opposing ones.

We need to stop putting people into generalized groups. When we do that, we remove their humanity. And once humanity is removed, appalling things become allowable, and even encouraged. THAT’S how slavery becomes okay. THAT’S how tyrannical governments come into power. THAT’S how genocide becomes justifiable.

We have the power to change course. It’s not a political change, but a heart change. My prayer is that we, each of us, would be willing to lay down our pride, love our “enemy” and be willing to extend forgiveness, grace, and love. Without those things, unity cannot come.

WARNING: This video is NOT a Christian video. There is language.

Karlyn Borysenko Streamed live on January 8, 2021

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  1. Melody says:

    I would just like to say that one of the things I appreciate about you is the fact that you don’t attack others. Your views may differ and you put them out there but you do so in a way that says this is what I believe and stop there were many others these days follow what they believe to be right with “and if you don’t believe what I do then you are wrong,bad etc.


    1. Thank you, Melody! My intention is to share my views in a way that doesn’t necessarily try to convince, but rather, just gives the reader something to think about. Perhaps, another perspective? It’s up to them what they do with the information. I know I walk a fine line, sometimes.

      Thank you for taking the time to read what I wrote! ❤


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