Misunderstood Scripture in New Age/New Thought and Word of Faith

This is an EXCELLENT conversation on how New Age/New Thought/Law of Attraction and Word of Faith support their beliefs using Scripture out of context (this is not an exhaustive list)…and what those same passages mean IN CONTEXT. You may recognize many, if not all, of these verses. Have you ever used any of these verses out of context? 

This is one post, in kind of a series of posts, where I will not be doing a lot of writing. The video is the primary thing I wish to share. Some of the videos will be a little long, but we’re tackling some pretty heavy subject matter when it comes to New Age and Christianity. These are teachings that take us far beyond five-minute devotions and meme theology. Not that there is anything wrong with devotions or a meme of your favorite Scripture!! But some things require a deeper study…and this is one of those things.

I really appreciate Mike Winger’s firm, but gentle, approach to this topic – as well as, Melissa Dougherty’s insight into New Thought/Law of Attraction. This video is two hours long, but well worth the listen!! Be blessed!

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