Technical Difficulties

UPDATE: With some cleaning and updating, my computer seems to be back on track! (A giant THANK YOU!! to my husband for cleaning up my mess of a computer!) I will not be continuing my write 31 days series because it was more than just my computer struggling over the last couple of months. So, I am releasing myself from the stress of finishing the series. I have changed the write 31 days series to the “Identity” series and will add additional posts to the landing page as they pertain to our identity in Christ. Otherwise, I will begin posting, again, on whatever happens to be on my heart and mind. I apologize for not being able to complete the full 31 days but…life happens. Thank you to all who were following the series. I hope you will continue to visit often! Be BLESSED!

Hey Everyone!

I apologize. I am currently experiencing some issues with my computer and will need to address those issues before publishing any more posts. I am continuing to write and will upload everything once my computer is working properly.

In the meantime, please feel free to read, and share, some of my other posts. Thank you for stopping by…and for your patience!

Be Blessed!

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