Just Abide (40 REAL Days)

DAY 13

I believe today is the day I was kind of dreading. I don’t have much to write…at least, not yet. So, I am going to focus more on the process of my quiet time, this morning (I guess this would be the real, unrefined part that I am uncomfortable with).

Even though it’s Saturday, I still woke up at 5am. So, I did sleep in for an hour (yay!). I spent some time meditating on, and writing down, the parallels between the prodigal son story found in Luke 15 and our relationship with God the Father. I’m excited to eventually share what I wrote, but I don’t want to hastily share it without a bit more prayer and study.

I also spent some time in prayer…primarily about contentment/discontentment and how wonderful it is that we can depend on God, instead of shouldering all of the responsibility for everything. What I mean by that is – decisions are our’s to make; however, we can take whatever decision we are wrestling with and ask God what to do. Whatever we are facing, we’re not alone in it. Even if we make a wrong decision, God can turn it all around. (I am living proof of this one…) And we can learn from any mistakes that we make.

I try to always seek God’s will on matters. Sometimes I can hear clearly. But other times, I don’t hear anything, at all. I don’t feel anything about one direction or another. So, I have to wait.

That doesn’t mean that I sit around and do nothing. I continue to seek and I continue to serve. Today, I will go about my day, doing mundane things like cleaning and grocery shopping, but I will do it all with an air of expectancy. At any moment, God can show up! A song heard; a word spoken; an impression upon the heart; an opportunity to serve someone. Any of these can happen, at any time…especially if we remain connected to God (even beyond our quiet time).

So, my hope for you (and me!) today, is that you would strive to remain in Him – whether through the Word, worship or prayer – and that He would speak directly to your heart, in a very special way.

I am the vine...

Have a great day…be blessed!

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