It’s About the Journey…


Don’t let your want for perfection become procrastination.

I have done this – for most of my life. It has a lot to do with staying behind the mask and only letting the world see, not the struggle, but the victory; not the broken, but the repaired; not the process, but the finished product. That is how it is when I write or speak. I’m guessing that is how it is when anyone who is successful in something finally shares their gift or talent with the world. We only see the result.

But what about the process? What about the journey? As Christians, Heaven is our destination; however, in this life, it’s about the journey. The people we meet. The adventures we go on. The trials, as well as, the victories.

My mind continues to wander back to the forty days that I spent with God prior to speaking at our church’s Christmas Tea. The Tea at our church is a pretty big deal. We had close to 350 women in attendance, plus the gentlemen and caterers who were serving. I had only ever spoken to smaller groups (less than 50), and I wasn’t all that spectacular when I did. In many cases, I felt like I totally bombed! But God had called me to speak, so I (begrudgingly) obeyed.

I spent A LOT of time in prayer!! I knew I couldn’t pull this off, much less do a good job, without God’s power. I told Him as much and He was so amazingly faithful to guide my every step. It was a couple of days before my birthday when I felt Him call me to speak at the Tea. He showed me that from my birthday until the day of the Tea was exactly 40 days. I thought that was pretty cool and wanted to know what that meant – He showed me that it meant that it was time for me to practice what I preach!

Those who have spent any time in a small group with me have often heard me say, “Guard your time with God” and “Know your weapons…Word, worship and prayer!” THIS was the journey He wanted to take me on. Everyday, as I spent time with Him, He would lead me to Scripture that spoke directly to what I was facing that day. He would also place a song in my heart (sometimes to sing back to Him – sometimes as balm for my soul). And I would spend time in prayer, where I could meet Him and He could meet me, face to face.

The women at the Tea only saw the finished product. They only saw what God fully accomplished in my time with Him. They got to hear the forty days of Promises that God provided in my need (which is now in the form of a Love Letter that you can find here).

They didn’t get to see the blood, sweat and tears of the journey. They didn’t see the sheer terror or hear the hours of crying out to God that “I just can’t do this!!!” They didn’t see me broken, laid out before the Lord feeling inadequate and unworthy…a blubbering mess. They didn’t hear all of the lies (though, they did hear some) that I had to admit I had ownership of. The time of repentance. The exercising of faith. The complete surrender.

It was sometimes messy. Often ugly.

We don’t like to show that part of ourselves, do we? Yet, as we all journey through this broken world together, it’s the very thing that needs to be touched by God, oftentimes through the love and care of those He has placed around us.


So, here is what has been on my heart to do (and what I’ve been struggling to begin). I would like to share forty days, here, with whoever struggles with maintaining a quiet time with the Lord (or would just like to understand what “time with the Lord” looks like). I’ve hesitated to begin this journey because whatever I post on the internet I would like to be, somewhat, refined. However, I’m more interested in seeing people begin, or maintain, an intimate (daily!) relationship with God – and sometimes it’s anything but refined!

Everyday, for forty days, I will post about my quiet time with the Lord (Scripture, insights, songs, prayers, etc…). For better or for worse, I would like to share the PROCESS. I don’t know what it will look like, specifically. It will not always be refined, but I promise that it will be REAL. So, I will call the forty days of daily blogging “40 REAL Days with God.”

I’m not working toward anything, specifically (like I did with the Tea). Then again, perhaps I’m working on giving up my want for perfection by simply sharing from the heart and spirit – every day – for forty days. Hmmm…

I hope you’ll join me, daily…or whenever you can!

Here’s to surrendering to God! May His will be done…and all glory, honor and praise to Him!

[40 REAL Days with God will run from Monday, 4/4/16 to Friday, 5/13/16]

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  1. Wynelle says:

    Notice: this post includes Personal Notations & is Lengthy: Please remove after reading (unless God-Guidance indicates that these words are useful to other hearts).

    I am BEYOND excited, & honestly, also a little apprehensive & scared to be doing this (like you have been w/ each of these taskings that God has placed on your “to-do”, “must-do”, “will-do” and/or “am-doing” lists)!

    As we have previously discussed, we share a great many identical “perfection – procrastination” tendencies, … and hide the messy parts of the jouney quite well!! I am very aware of the detriment (and advantages) of being Type A, and I openly admit & proclaim that it is truly “how I am wired”.

    I know I am my own worst enemy, allowing &/or causing negatives or shortcomings in my life & getting in my own way or totally missing the mark . But, it is A WHOLE different thing to move from acknowledgement to face it & take the more difficult struggling steps, to unpack the REAL detailed person that God sees & do something about the self who is holding me back, the self who loves Him dearly with a heart of devotion, but who needs to take action IN devotion rather than staying comfortable & stagnant.

    I can’t fulfill His wants, needs, purpose & plan for me, (for HIS work) until I take off not only the mask, but the entire costume (always changing dependant upon which role I’m playing) – the one that I’ve been wearing while dancing in life’s mirror to everyone else’s music, reflecting outward what is expected & thus, what I allow the world audience to see. On such a (life) stage, scenes change but there’s often little or no character growth. It’s also like living within life’s community theatre where the productions also frequently change and you’re enjoying it, but you don’t move beyond that familiar, secure, comfortable, tiny theatre to the “Big Time Stage” fully using your talents for what God intended. Hmmm…

    I need to look straight into the mirror (for the millionth time) & actually see myself (uncensored), without a costume on that merely reflects an expected or pleasant image to the world. I must see what God sees (good & bad) and accept myself as He does in order to get onto THAT BIG LIFE STAGE HE planned for me. I can’t worry that it might be TOO big, can’t handle it, or maybe I’ll Bomb with the invariable stage Hook or rotten tomatoes thrown! If I fall, I won’t Fail because He is ALWAYS with me! Sometimes our “goof-ups” result in growth and encouragement for self or others!

    Working diligently toward THAT stage, will result in REAL work (not just jobs), often apprenticeship, not necessarily what I want or expect, not always fun or easy and possibly with little to no pay or tangible benefits! BUT, when it’s His doing, and it’s the RIGHT path by His design, He will certainly provide & reward beyond all belief.!! It’s FAITH!

    I must do it without fear, self-doubt or questioning, taking one step, or leap, at a time & be ok (imperfect as I am) that I don’t have all the answers & I don’t need to see the big picture because HE DOES! (He will clean me up, fix what needs “fixin”, train me, give me what I need & guide me). All I have to do is take the ride with Him, getting in the car every day, talking, learning, growing, seeking His advice (His Word), looking at Him (Praying), listening (God whispers & shouts) & letting Him drive, using HIS GPS to get me there effectively & efficiently. It’s COMMITMENT!!

    If I go alone, or only sometimes go with Him, or even occasionally kick Him to the curb, I’ll just keep driving around in circles or zig-zags, like I have been, getting totally off-track & lost, trying to navigate using my own senses! (THAT’s not good, even if I AM directionally gifted!). What’s the point? (DISOBEDIENCE)

    And, If I don’t put in the work to improve & grow, I’ll get stuck in that dead-end apprenticship situation, miserable & without hope or a way to get where I need to go. If I’m not following the right roads, (His path) and using MY map (now getting really tattered & outdated), I’ll just end up in the dessert, no means of survival & not accomplishing anything.

    Do I want to continue wasting time when I could be enjoying the trip with Him (The Journey He Chose)?, …
    …Doing Real Work & Seeing Cool Stuff with His Itinerary (The Jobs & Purpose He planned for me)?, …
    ….Then, Kickin’ Back on the most AMAZING “Vaca” EVER (with Him in Gloryland)?!

    Definitely NOT!!
    I really need to drive forward, getting in His commuter carpool, letting Him drive me to my daily Spiritual training & jobs, instead of relying on my beat-up, more stressful way of getting to my Purpose. My Christan “ride” is getting too old, with too many problems & I’m just not getting any younger! Won’t be too many years before I won’t be able to work & I’ll be forced to retire from this life!

    So, I am hoping this new 40 day trip with Him on this life journey will finally set me on a better course that leads me in the right direction toward His contracted Purpose for me.

    From the Bottom-of-my-Heart, I give my Sincere & Grateful Thanks for your Heart & Talents placed into God’s Hands to do this for so many, & especially for me!! Love you!!!


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