As someone who is passionate about discipleship, I thrive on knowledge. I want to KNOW. I want to understand things. I’ll ask questions and then, in turn, try to explain what I just learned (usually out loud – to myself), to make sure that I understand a thing. And then I pick it all apart and ask some more.

Oftentimes, this is reflected in my prayer time. I’ll begin asking God all sorts of questions…about Scripture; about relationships; why I’m struggling with a particular sin or circumstance…

This is “seeking God.” Right?

Yes, BUT!! I often leave out an essential component to coming before the LORD. I forget to acknowledge God’s greatness, FIRST.

Here is something that convicted me, this morning. (from “Transcending Mysteries” by Andrew Greer and Ginny Owens):

“In my own prayer life, I’ve been learning that seeking the Lord begins by acknowledging who He is. By recognizing Him as God before I get to my ‘please help’ list, my anxiety quickly diminishes. My perspective changes from one in which I am in control and responsible for my own destiny to one where the Lord is in complete control of everything.”

By doing this, we recognize just how BIG our God is. It gives us an opportunity to remember His faithfulness and all those times He has already come through for us. This builds our faith and gives us hope, courage, and strength to carry on…no matter what we are currently facing.

I had to spend some time in prayer, repenting for not acknowledging just how AWESOME He is! And God was so faithful to meet me right where I was. As I praised and glorified Him for who He is, I also got to be reminded of who He is – to me.

He is the I AM. He transcends time, space and everything I could possibly face in this life. And He loves…me. He imagined me. He knit me together in my mother’s womb. He has a plan for my life. No matter what happens, He will never leave me nor forsake me. He is the answer to every problem. He is Love and He is Light. He is mine and I am His…and nothing will ever separate me from His love.

How’s that for perspective?! And that’s just a tiny glimpse into who He is!!

So, how do you begin your prayers? Do you acknowledge His greatness, FIRST? Or are you (like me) jumping straight into your “please help” list? If you’re bypassing glorifying Him, I encourage you to ask for His forgiveness…and then begin lifting up your praises to Him. Speak out every truth you know of Him. Let Him receive the glory He is due…and allow Him to remind you of just who He truly is.

Be blessed!

My Scripture reading, this morning, was from 2 Chronicles 20:1-12.

This song stirred in my spirit as I studied: Music video by Lauren Daigle performing First. (C) 2015 Centricity Music

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